Night Guard


Bruxism – the nighttime grinding or clenching of teeth, usually caused by stress or certain sleep disorders. 

If you find yourself waking up with earaches, headaches, or a sore jaw, you may suffer from bruxism.

Get a Night Guard

While bruxism itself cannot be treated, night guards offer a simple, non-invasive treatment option. A night guard is an accessory worn to bed that fits over the top teeth, creating a barrier between your jaws. Your night guard will prevent your teeth from coming into contact with each other overnight, minimizing any damage your bruxism may cause.
A custom night guard from PeakView Dentistry is a great option for those suffering from bruxism. This night guard will be created from a mold taken of your teeth, which means it is custom designed for your mouth. The night guard may not be a fashionable accessory, but it will be comfortable and increase the health of your teeth and jaws.
Untreated bruxism can lead to many problems including jaw disorders and damgaed teeth. If you think you’re suffering from bruxism, make an appointment right away. The sooner, the better.