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PeakView Dentistry offers the comprehensive dental implant placement and restoration you can find in Boulder.

Dr. Esmaili works closely with each of our patients to address your concerns, whether they be single tooth replacement or full mouth reconstruction.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are biocompatible restorations that mimic the design and function of natural tooth roots. They’re safe, predictable, and strong enough to support a variety of different restorations (such as crowns, bridges, and “All on 4” dentures.)

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The Implant Process


If you have decaying or diseased teeth, they will need to be removed. Implants can be placed the same day or after you’ve healed, depending on if there’s infection.

Implant Placement

A small opening is made in your gums and the implant is set into the bone through a minor surgery.

Post-Placement Recovery

Your implants will integrate with the bone, fusing itself permanently into your mouth. This can take up to six months.

Abutment Installation

An abutment is attached to the top of your implant, to support a fixed restoration.

Restoration (Crown) Placement

Depending on how many teeth you’re missing, types of implant restoration options include crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Benefits of Choosing Implants
The Best Affordable Dentures Alternative

If you were to ask what the pros and cons of implants are, our Boulder dentist would tell you that they are worth it and there are significantly more advantages, such as:

• Highest predictability of any modern restoration
• Safe
• Comfortable (minimal pain)
• Non-invasive to other teeth
• Stronger than other tooth replacements
• Can last for life with minimal problems
• Function and mimic natural teeth
• Ideal for single tooth or multiple teeth
• Options for teeth in a day

Paying for Implants: Cost, Insurance, and Financing

One of the biggest surprises for our Boulder patients is when they learn that you don’t need an implant for each tooth that’s missing. Implants are so strong that you may only need as few as four to replace a full set of upper or lower teeth, saving money and time. This aspect of the procedure keeps the costs lower and more affordable, without negatively impacting the outcome of your therapy treatment.
Dental insurance usually covers implants. Our Boulder dentist offers flexible payment plans so that you can easily finance all or a portion of your implant costs into your monthly budget.

Types of Implants

Most traditional implants are made of titanium (a material that’s also safe enough for surgical joint replacement.) They also come in ceramic designs, when surface exposure is a concern.
Mini dental implants are a smaller, one-day alternative to full-sized implants. Mini designs are used when there’s not enough room or bone support for a conventional implant. They’re also useful for securing removable overdentures (implant supported dentures.)

Single Implant (Anterior-Immediate Load)

Single Implant (Anterior-Immediate Load)

Best Implant Care

One of the best things about implants — other than their longevity — is that you care for them like natural teeth.

The leading cause of implant failure is “peri-implantitis,” which is the implant version of gum disease. To ensure your implants last for life, simply brush and floss each day and schedule regular six-month checkups at PeakView Dentistry.

Are Implants Right for You?

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