Laser Dentistry

Benefits of Dental Laser Products

Precision & Accuracy

Dentists who are now using Epic Diod are more easily able to remove plaque, tartar, and tooth decay with little or no damage to the surrounding bone and tissue. The goal is to keep the healthy structures of the teeth in place and unharmed.

Patient Comfort

With the Epic Diod, you won’t experience any of the heat, pressure, or vibration of a traditional drill, which means that many dental procedures can be performed without the need for shots. This means less anesthesia and fewer shots!

Less Bleeding or Swelling

Epic Diod technology uses gentle and conservative cutting action and even includes coagulating capabilities. This means that most gum or other soft tissue procedures can be performed with little or no swelling or bleeding.


The Epic Diod is incredibly versatile and can be used for an array of different bone and soft tissue procedures. From root canals, removal of tooth decay, cavity preparation, and even gum and bone surgical procedures, the Epic Diod can do it all!

Reduced Trauma

High-speed drills can cause fractures and hairline cracks in the teeth. These cracks can eventually lead to future dental problems. Epic Diod technology minimizes any trauma done to the teeth and greatly reduces the risk of damage to the surrounding teeth.


BIOLASE and many manufacturers of dental products are improving the field of dentistry, allowing comfort and ease for both patients and dentists. For more information, please visit or ask our dentist about the new technology of laser dentistry.